Monday, November 14, 2011

South Park stuffs the History Channel

The History Channel was one of my favorites when it first appeared, but as time passed, I noticed that my relationship with the red H became a lot like the one you might have with a particularly lurid daytime talk show: if you're bored, it holds your attention, but you'd be embarrassed to have anyone catch you watching.

At some point in the last few of years, It seems that the execs running the HC heard that "Hitler Channel" crack one too many times, and decided to abandon actual history (or at least the history of planet Earth in this particular worldline) altogether. Now, their programming is dominated by ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, and; inexplicably, truck drivers. Ok, granted, 23 hours of documentaries per day detailing exactly what a given Nazi party official used to eat for breakfast was a bit much, but at least it was factual. Boring, but factual.

Thankfully, the writers of South Park decided to prominently include the History Channel in their long list of well-deserved targets. It goes a bit off the rails when they try to shoehorn Thor and Natalie Portman in during the second half, but I still thought it was pretty fun. You can watch the full episode here.

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